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Custom Radius Skate Sharpening



What is this you ask?

Understanding the radius sharpening/hollows isn’t rocket science and will make you a educated player. A skate is sharpened by applying a grinding wheel (stone) to the blade. This blade cuts a hollow (groove) in the blade. Most common measurements for this hollow generally range from 1/2” to 1”. The grinding wheel will be dressed to this specification, cutting (sharpening) the skate blade to the hollow you want. The 1/2” hollow being smaller, will make the groove deeper whereas the larger 1” will make the groove shallower (or flatter). It is important to realize that a smaller cut IS NOT “sharper”.

How do you determine the correct hollow size for your skates? Some things to consider about different hollow depths:


Key Points

  • The above is a guide for a starting point
  • Your hollow depth can (and should) change as you get better
  •  Changing your hollow WILL take some getting used to at first, especially if you have had a variety of different ones before. But, as we fine-tune the hollow to your satisfaction, you WILL notice a marked improvement in your skating. And let's face it, a major facet of the game is skating ability and speed.
  • Skates are never “too sharp”. If your skates feel this way, the hollow of your skates has been increased (deeper) by the guy that sharpened them.
  •  With consistent sharpening, you can concentrate on you game and never again worry about your skates and if they will be "right".

Stop in and talk with us, we CAN improve your game.


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