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bike maintenance shareWould you like to learn how to fix and maintain your bicycle? Thinking about a career in the bicycle industry? OF COURSE SO! Sign up for a Bicycle Repair course at Savage's Bicycle Center. Our courses have been developed to provide you with hands on learning, as well as provide practical theory that will aid you in emergency situations. 

Course Offerings:

1. Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance: Each course will run two hours.  During this period, you will learn how to fix a flat tire, adjust gears, and set brakes. In addition we will offer tips to help you get out of a jam when on the trail.  Our courses follow an Explain, Show, Practice curriculum which means you will get your hands dirty!

Cost: $74.99 & includes an Introductory Bike Maintenance Handbook which you can use at home.

2. Wheel Truing:  If your wheels need some love, this is the course for you.  Wheel truing is viewed by many as an art form and requires, patience, skill and an understanding of how a wheel works and is able to remain straight under the toughest conditions.  Upon completion of this course, you will understand fully how true your wheels and maintain a perfectly smooth, and "true" wheelset.

Cost $60.00 which includes a spoke truing wrench which you can use to maintain your wheels at home.

3. Advanced Bicycle Maintenance: This course will take place over two evenings.  The course will cover all aspects of bicycle maintenance.  You will learn how to remove and install Headsets, cranks, adjust and maintain cones, bottom brackets, and suspension forks.  In addition we will cover all of the items covered in our Introductory course. This course is for those who are mechanically inclined and wish to learn all aspects of bicycle maintenance. 

Cost: $250.00.  Includes Bicycle Maintenance Handbook, and a $50.00 store Credit at Savage's Bicycle Center to be used for the purchase any tools that you may need for your home workbench.

Students under the age of 19 must have permission slip signed by parent of guardian.  All courses must be paid in full prior to instruction.  Due to the hands on nature of the courses, we can accommodate groups of up to 8. 

If you are interested in booking a course, email or call 506.457.7542.






441 King St. Fredericton, NB E3B 1E5 Canada (506) 457-7452

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